About Us and Our Story of Sucha Beskidzka

Hey, we are Marcin and Paula!

We met in England way back in 2000 and have been driving each other crazy ever since.

We have three children, our 2 boys have moved with us and attend school here, our daughter still lives in England. We have another dependant and although not a child (as such) we can not forget our dog 'Lola' she joined us as a puppy a month after living here and is now a huge part of our family life, she is a Tatra Mountain Shepherd, she loves the outdoors and I can assure you there is no way you be able to visit without meeting her, it's her house now.

After living in England for too long, we decided that as one of us had been a foreigner, let's make the move and turn the tables (it was more personal and sad than that but this is also true!)

We love walking, one of us prefers passable walking routes and the others will walk up a rockface if it is presented, there is always plenty to choose from around here and we have explored some nearby routes, including the black route to Magurka (as it's right outside our door!)

We love local cuisine (okay, we love food!) and have eaten in a lot of places in Sucha Beskidzka, Wadowice and Zawoja we are always happy to share our experiences.

We have access to the stream from our property and enjoy spending warm evenings there with the boys and the dog, cooking sausages on the open fire and letting the children play.

You never know if what you do will turn out alright, but we are loving this chapter of our story.

We own a beautiful family home that was originally extended for family use and has been lovingly updated and separated to be used as 3 separate apartments.

When we relocated to Poland from England, we fell in love with this property's character and location and realised that it suited our needs plus provided us with the business opportunity we dreamed about.

When you open a window or sit in the garden you can enjoy the sound of wind in the trees and the stream which runs right at the back of our house, the road is peaceful as it's only for residents and you instantly feel relaxed.

The house has three apartments; we occupy one, and the other two are available to rent, Mokra and Sucha.

Why Name The Apartments Mokra and Sucha?

According to legend, Sucha* Beskidzka was once called Mokra**. It was a beautiful mountain town in the Beskid Mały Mountains, close to which there were three picturesque lakes. The name Mokra comes from these lakes. In this town, at the foot of Mount Jasień, Smok Kicek had his cave. It was a cheerful and sociable dragon, which is why he was liked by the local people.

One day, being extremely bored, the Dragon invited some friendly dragons from different parts of the world. He organized a grand party, served the guests exquisite dishes and drinks in large quantities, so that the next day they drank all the water from one lake. The inhabitants were very outraged by the attitude of Kicek and his guests and, under the threat of driving him out of the city, they banned him from organizing such events. Kicek apologized, promised to improve and repentantly returned to his den. Unfortunately, he only lasted a hundred years in his promise and once again longed for the company of his friends. The situation from a century ago repeated itself. After the night's dragon romps, the second lake disappeared. The enraged inhabitants attacked poor Kicek. They wanted to drive him away again, but Kicek, embarrassed, apologized and swore that it would not happen again. The residents gave Kicek another chance.

Another 100 years have passed, but dragon nature cannot be fooled. Kicek invited all his friendly and related dragons again. After another dragon game, the third and last lake disappeared. The residents did not forgive Kicek after this. Armed with sticks, scythes and pitchforks, they drove Kicek away to where the pepper grows. This is how all the lakes disappeared and the town of Mokra became the town of Sucha. So that the memory of Kicek would not be completely lost, the words "bez Kicka"*** were added to the name Sucha. From then on, the town of Sucha was called Sucha "bez Kicka". Over time, the official name Sucha Beskidzka was adopted and has remained so to this day.

Credit to https://zpkwm.pl/mokra-legenda-o-suchej-beskidzkiej/

* Sucha - Dry

** Mokra - Wet

*** Bez Kicka - Without Kicek